Harlan's Comprehensive Home Building FAQs

Harlan Construction is here to address your inquiries! Check out our FAQs below for answers to your most common questions about our home-building process, and find the information you need regarding any aspect of constructing your new home with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have been involved in the home-building industry my entire adult life. I worked for an upscale, high-quality builder for 20 years and established Harlan Construction in 1996.

  • Builders Association of South Central Kentucky
  • Kentucky Home Builders Association
  • National Association of Home Builders
  • Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce

Our company is fully licensed, and we carry comprehensive general liability and workers’ compensation insurance to protect our employees and clients.

We offer a one-year warranty.

Building a custom home takes 6-8 months- we pride ourselves on quality construction and getting it right rather than being the fastest builder in town.

Our homes range in price from $500,000 – $800,000.

We obtain all the necessary permits for each new home, and all homes are inspected ten times.

We work with our clients to present a detailed plan to make the desired changes. We price out the requested changes for the client’s approval before we initiate any change to the original plans and specifications for their home.

The main point of contact is Steve Harlan. Steve is always available by calling the office. Clients, of course, have Steve’s cell number and email.

Our company provides our clients with weekly updates on construction, including what has occurred this week and the plan of action for next week.

We have only faced delays during the pandemic when the supply chain was affecting our industry. Apart from that, we always stick to our schedule unless our customer requests a change of plans. In such cases, we inform our clients of the schedule change and also present the cost of their change so that they can make an informed decision about how they want to proceed.

Our homes are priced based on their value, with a focus on affordability. Typically, our homes appraise for more than their sales price.

Promptly and fairly –we take care of our clients.

We take great pride in our customer service even after clients move into our new homes.

We ask our clients to call us immediately in case of an emergency relating to their home. Although such incidents are rare, we had a homeowner who recently damaged their outside water faucet while mowing the lawn. The customer promptly contacted our office as water was running everywhere. What was comforting to the customer was that one of our managers witnessed the event and was on-site to help the client while he was talking to our office. Though we cannot always be that quick, our entire team cares about our customers and their enjoyment of their new home.

For non-emergency support, we request our customers to compile a list of any needed adjustments and send it to us during the first year. We then send our people to make the adjustments at a time that is convenient for them.